Support Services

Support Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience by Maintaining Regular Contact in Person or via Zoom

Support to Declutter and Maintain a Safe Environment for individuals who Hoard or Self Neglect 

Encourage the Setting and Achievement of Life Skills and Personal Goals

Identifying Opportunities and Encouraging Social Engagement and Inclusion

What we do:

We are passionate about providing person centred provision. We do not believe in a one approach method, rather the client should be very much part of the planning, implementation and review process.

Our services are interchangeable, an individual may need a combination of all our services but in order to provide a good overview of how we work, we have grouped them into two categories. We support clients who are positively engaged with the idea of having support and who are willing and able to participate in each session, rather than be passive participants. 

Our support is split into two many services, however many clients will require a combination.