From hormones, to our brains physically changing, motherhood is a unique journey, in which our minds are quickly cluttered with the needs of others. Our Dear can help you acknowledge the elephant in the room. We will help you to reconnect with yourself, understand these changes that are occurring, and provide you with the tools and insight you need to take care of your "Mumbeing".

We have four Dear Mum... courses to choose from, each one is written with different aspects of motherhood in mind, but they all cover mental clutter, stress and Mumbeing.  Each Dear Mum course is available as an online, self-paced course or we run short workshops around various locations in East Sussex.

All our Dear Mum... online courses and the workshops include a printed workbook and a 1:1 follow up session on Zoom.


Definition: At state of, or action taken to achieve wellbeing during Motherhood.

Dear Mum to be...

Dear Mum to be… As your body is changing, you might notice that you are feeling excited, yet anxious for the ways in which your life and relationships will change.

The Dear Mum to be… course is here to support expectant mums, acknowledge the elephant in the room, no matter what their situation. Our focus is on supporting you to enter motherhood as a unique individual, equipped with ideas and tools to maintain resilience and your sense of “Mumbeing”.

Our Dear Mum to be course is available online


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Dear New Mum...

Dear New Mum…It can feel truly difficult as a new Mum to acknowledge or share with others that Motherhood isn't quite what we thought it would be like, particularly as social media is dominated by filters and opportunities to compare ourselves with others who seem to be doing better than we feel we are. 

The Dear New Mum course can help you acknowledge these feelings and discover ways to be more compassionate to yourself.


Our Dear New Mum course is available online


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Dear Carer Mum...

Dear Carer Mum…Motherhood is hard at the best of times, and then you’re faced with navigating confusing systems, supporting and quickly becoming an expert of your child's unique needs. We understand from our own experience that it can feel difficult to be a Mum with caring responsibilities.

Our Dear Carer Mum… program is here to support all Mum’s in a caring role, no matter what their caring situation.

Our Dear Carer Mum… course is available online


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Dear Mum...

Mother and Daughter

Dear Mum…Motherhood can be Mum is fulfilling and rewarding, but it is a lifelong role that requires us to constantly develop as our children do. It can be a confusing time trying to navigate the journey of being a Mum.  We go from being completely relied on physically to gradually encouraging more and more independence in our Children, and where does that leave you?

The Dear Mum  program is designed to facilitate guided self-exploration, it provides you with an opportunity to consider how you are feeling and equip you with various self care measures. As motherhood spans such a range of ages and challenges (We never stop being Mum's) 


Our Dear Mum program online, its available here:

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