Hoarding and Self Neglect

We support individuals who struggle with hoarding and self neglect. We do not believe in quick clearances and so we support individuals by providing a slow and steady approach to decluttering and reorganising their home​. 

We recognise that we are working in your home and will always consult you. Your home needs to be how you like it, we know there is nothing worse than going to a draw and finding something isn't there.


Its important to us that you feel listened to and trust the team working with you. 

What does support look like?

We ask our clients to let us take photos before support starts, during support and when we have reached a point that we feel is the end result. When support is slow and steady it is sometimes not obvious just how far your home environment has come along.


We will gently challenge you when necessary, but you are in control and we will never remove items that you want to keep.


We enjoy hearing our clients stories and the nostalgia that decluttering and finding lost items can bring about. We treat your home with care and will work with you to find solutions that your comfortable with such as donating items to a specific charity.