Cluttered Spaces

Over the course of our lives, we will experience all types of stresses. Sometimes these experiences will cause emotional and physical responses such as hoarding. What we then find is that the parting or clearing of possessions becomes an extremely stressful experience in its own right. 

Individuals struggling with this type of stress need specialized support and understanding. Clearing clutter is not a simple process when attachment or compulsions are a factor.



1:1 Support in East Sussex​​

We work with individuals in their home environment within East Sussex. 


Support is for a minimum of 3 hours per week over 12 weeks. Depending on your needs and goals this could be longer. It is not unusual to work with clients for up to a year. 

Our approach to supporting change within your home environment is supportive and person-centered. We will spend at least one session discovering your stresses, boundaries, and previous attempts at reducing clutter within the home.  

Together we will identify goals for each area of your home and create a bespoke plan that we will use to move forward. We will review this plan at regular intervals because experience and expectations do not always marry up, life happens and realistically the plan is going to need to adapt.

We have a hands-on approach to working with clients, over time we will find our groove together, there is often laughter and banter within our sessions as we gently challenge you and remind you of what you set as your goals where necessary. 

1:1 Support in East Sussex £1440

Pay in full or three payments of £480 paid at the beginning of each block of support. 

Online Support and Accountability

Online support has become more popular, particularly during the COVID pandemic as it allows us to reach individuals wherever in the world they may be!

We work with individuals for a minimum of 1.5 hours per week over 12 weeks.


Support is delivered online with the time is split between 1 x face-to-face zoom meeting each week and 5 x regular calls, texts, or emails to check in on progress. 


This approach is very supportive, there is no pressure but gentle encouragement and accountability.

When we start working together we will begin with a discovery session, this allows me to understand what difficulties you are facing and how you feel this impacts you.

We then work on building a goal-focused plan. This plan will be used as our guide, however, life happens and our expectations sometimes do not marry up with our experiences so the plan is reviewed often and tweaked where necessary. 

Onlne Support and Accountability £540.00

Can be spread over three payments of £180.00 paid at the beginning of each block of support. 

View over shoulder of adult daughter talks by video call with 50s mum. Pc screen view smil