Our Team

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About Us

Cluttered Minds provides support, consultancy, and training focused on stress and mental wellbeing. We have a wealth of experience in supporting individuals through the stress of hoarding and various life transitions. We adopt a person centred approach which is both supportive and empowering. Our aim is that individuals feel better able to recognise and cope with the stresses in their lives, in a healthy but realistic way. 

We are passionate about building relationships and opportunities that allow individuals to feel confident in sharing their difficulties. As well as working with individuals directly, we also work with businesses to provide wellbeing services for their employees and provide training to local Health and Social Care providers and settings around Hoarding and Self Neglect. 


We don't currently have any job vacancies within our team but we are always growing so do keep an eye on our social media!


Work Experience and Placements:

We understand how difficult building a CV and gaining valuable work experience for career progression can be. Therefore, subject to availability and relevant checks, we are able to offer both face: face and remote mentoring, shadowing, and voluntary placement opportunities for individuals aged 18+ who are studying towards or have a passion in the following fields:

  • Social Work

  • Psychology

  • Counselling

If you would like to discuss possible roles please send us an email telling us more about yourself and most importantly, what you need from us! Please include an up-to-date CV!



We would welcome the opportunity to partner up with other Wellbeing, therapeutic or social care professionals. If you have an idea we would love to hear it!