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Free Stress and Resilence Workshops for charitities Supporting Carers and Keyworkers

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The Journey Towards Stress Management, Resilience, and Wellbeing Starts on the Path of Self Awareness.


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Meet Zara

Mental Health Practitioner and Trainer

Welcome to Cluttered Minds!

My name is Zara and I am passionate about supporting individuals to find strategies that support them in times of stress.


Stress is something that I have experienced, at times struggled with, and learned to manage. I know that if stress isn't channeled in the right way that unhealthy habits can form, our physical health can take a turn and our minds can become bogged down and cluttered. 

Becoming more self-aware takes time, it's a continuous process of reflecting, looking inwards, and being honest and open with yourself and those around you. Stress is the elephant in the room for so many people, but often we fail to acknowledge or address it. 

Let’s Explore Your Stress, Declutter your Mind or Space and Build your Resilience

  Cluttered Minds

  • Stress and Resilience Workshops

  • Parental Wellbeing Workshops

  • 1:1 bespoke stress exploration and support

Cluttered Spaces

  • ​1:1 bespoke stress exploration and support


  • Hoarding Awareness

  • Stress and Self Care - Unpaid Carers

  • Stress and Self Care - Health and Social Care Workers


  • ​Best Practice - Supporting a client whom self neglects or hoards

  • Employee Assistance Programme - Stress in the workplace 

“Zara has been a breath of fresh air the last few weeks. She's helped keep me calm and grounded and supported me to explore my stress at my own pace. She has really taken the time to listen to me and offer ideas that I can use quickly and easily, which is really important as a busy mum.”

- S.T (2020)

Client Feedback

“It has been so reassuring to know that Zara is now involved in supporting my mother. She quickly understood her difficulty with hoarding and the stress this puts on not just my mother but us as a family too. Zara is kind and patient and we feel encouraged by the progress we have already seen in my mother's home and mood. 

- E.S (2021)

“Zara helped me during a particularly difficult time. There was no rush, she kept strategies simple and basic so that I had a better chance at achieving them. She supports many people but I always felt like she understood me, and my situation, without offering generic advice that is offered to everyone.”

- W. J (2021)


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