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Supporting stressed, overwhelmed, and cluttered minds is our speciality. Our services cover both mental and physical clutter; whether it is creative mindfulness for children and parents, our online and in person stress support services, our courses and workshops dedicated to mothers’ wellbeing, or our specialist bereavement and hoarding decluttering services. 

We are here for you in any way, that you and your cluttered mind may need us.



Our Values

Person Centred Approach

We value the unique journey that each client has been on so far and will undertake with our support. We do not subscribe to a one size fits all approach.

Non Judgemental

Our clients come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, and cultures. We will never judge how an individual has found themselves in their current environment or situation.

Accessible Support

We believe that mental wellbeing support should be accessible to all. We strive to offer support in different ways, both face to face and online, at child-friendly venues. ​

 Realistic Planning

We set realistic goals and strategies that each unique individual can afford, find time for and sustain. 

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Mental Clutter

Life can become busy, and our minds quickly fill with cognitive clutter. Mental notes to follow up on, plans made, responsibilities. It can be mentally exhausting to carry so much around. Mental clutter is the elephant in the room for many of us, acknowledge it and learn how to lighten the load.


Physical Clutter

Physical Clutter can become an issue and manifest for many reasons, from excessive acquisition, difficulty discarding to trauma and bereavement. How we support individuals to reduce the clutter is key. 

​We gently encourage individuals to acknowledge the elephant in the room, recognising the difficulty is the first step towards addressing it.




Definition: At state of, or action taken to achieve wellbeing during Motherhood.

From hormones, to our brains physically changing, motherhood is a unique journey, in which our minds are quickly cluttered with the needs of others. Our Dear Mum... programs can help you acknowledge the elephant in the room. We will help you to reconnect with yourself, understand these changes that are occurring, and provide you with the tools and insight you need to take care of your "Mumbeing".


Children and Young People

We strongly believe that our children’s emotional wellbeing is as equally important as their physical health. Our "Thriving Minds" programmes of creative mindfulness  provides children and young people with focused opportunities to explore feelings and calming techniques that build resilience, and equip them with tools to cope with the stresses of growing up.

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